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Ever listen to a perfect rap, lyrically impeccable, musically astronomical song, and begin to wonder “where lies the artist’s muse?”. Do your tapping feet and your train of thought leave you inquisitive about the artist, their music, and their life? Come find out everything and anything you need to know about your favourite artist on BlowUp journal.

Here, we connect you to your favourite hip-hop musicians, rappers and artists and provide you with information about their latest new releases.

From their birth dates, their dating lives, right up to their upcoming projects, we deliver it all. Follow the latest trends and know more about their lavish lifestyles, satisfy your curiosity itch, come rediscover the passion of music with us, connect with the artist and let us reveal to you the world that musicians, rappers, and their audiences live in.

Curious about the sick beat and its producer? Click away. Ranging all the way from the most versatile rappers, right down to the sound of indie music, we gather them under the umbrella of BlowUp journal. By covering artists from different genres, we ensure that our readers and subscribers receive a diverse collection of stories, interviews, and impactful editorials.