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Rari Oneal, who is widely acknowledged by his stage name Black Kray is an American musician, rapper, film director and producer. He is also the founding member of Goth Money Records. Kray is idolized as one of the current generation’s most famous and influential rappers.

Kray is best known for his unique rap style and lyrics that shall grab attention of all sections of audience. Some of the best music produced by Kray include ‘Ain’t Shit’, ‘TR4P4RT‘, ‘700 Dagreez’, ‘EURO GLIME‘, ‘Working Out Da Mud’, ‘WEEPN N DA TRENCH‘ and the most recent ‘Chain Gang Halo World’.

Black Kray Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Rari Oneal, who is widely acknowledged by his stage name Black Kray was born on 23rd February 1994 in Richmond, Virginia, the United States. Kray is currently 28 years old. Kray has been very enthusiastic about music since childhood, and he began singing very early during his teenage years. Kray always dreamt of pursuing a career in music, and he wanted to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Kray met his future members of Goth Money Records while performing during his teenage years. Kray had a good debut, and his music received unanimously positive reviews some claimed his music was ‘foolproof’. Kray also collaborates frequently with artists like Bladee, CHXPO, SpaceGhostPurrp and many more famous musical artists in the music industry.

Birth name Rari Oneal
Birthdate/Born on 23rd February 1994
Age (as of 2022) 28 years
Birthplace Richmond, Virginia, United States
Nationality American
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names SICKBOIRARI, 40K Elsa, Black Kreay, Black KRVY, Icedotuzi, Ferrari Kray, Baby Moet, SickBoyRari Gvcci Kray La Goth, Foreighn Jetski, Lil Shye, 400 Dagree GothBwoi, Cellphone Prince
Occupations rapper, film director and producer
Debut Ain’t Shit(2011)
Genres Emo Rap, Cloud Rap, Hip Hop, Tread, Witchhouse, Trap
Labels Break World records

Black Kray Relationship Status, Affairs & More

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There is currently no information about Kray’s dating or marital history, but it is reported from various sources that Kray is possibly single at the moment. While other rumours may suggest that Kray has been in a relationship with an unknown identity, the news varies frequently, but there is no evidence for them to prove. They only make assumptions that may or may not be true as long as they have proof. Kray is very reserved and has never publicly spoken about his family. Kray is very reserved and never wants to be n the headlines. Kray has no childhood and girlfriend, so it is safe to say Kray is single.

Kray is currently focused on his music and plans to release his next album in a few months. While some unpopular sources suggest that Kray has been in a relationship in his life, There is no evidence to support that statement. Kray’s last album, ‘Chain Gang Hola World’, has been an instant success among the listeners and increased his popularity worldwide.

Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse None

Black Kray Net Worth & More

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Kray reportedly has a net worth of over $1.5 Million. Most of Kray’s income comes from his musical career, collaborations, and investments to stabilize and enlarge his net worth. Kray is one of the most influential artists from the internet world. Kray revealed that he is highly inspired by famous music personalities like Lil B and many more who encouraged him to pursue a career in the music industry. Kray is also honoured as the pioneer of the Cloud rap sub-genre. Kray has a unique style and mannerisms that attracts today’s generation, garnering him more fans and followers across the world.

Net Worth $1.5 Million

Black Kray Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

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Depressed Ocean‘ was their most popular song of Kray and one of the biggest hits in this generation. The name Kray has reached every corner of the world with this track. Kray has revealed it was surprising for him to see the song crossing borders and be successful in other countries as well. Kray thanks his fans for all the love and support.

Kray started making music using his laptop microphone in 2009. Kray had a hard time releasing his debut track but once, when his debut track hit the bull’s eye. Kray has never looked back since then.

Black Kray’s ‘FAMOUS‘ musical single, which starred some popular musicians such as ‘Yung Lean’, ‘Bladee’, ‘YSB OG.’ was one of the biggest hits during that time and often marked as one of the best collaborations of this generation.

Black Kray’s ‘Tearful‘ was one of the most successful music videos of 2018, which clocked a massive 1.1 Million views on youtube.

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