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People are aware of artists in the global hip-hop industry. But are they aware of talented Indian rappers? There are many creative Indian rappers, but Dino Jones is top-notch on this list. His songs provide a rich sensation that makes one drunk when sober. Wikipedia may not give any information about him. But his brimming talent makes him sparkle in several popular articles. His creative skills are worth swooning over. So, why not take a dip into his musical career and get inspired?

Dino James Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Dino James was born on 12 November 1991 and is 30 years old (as of 2022). The rapper was born in the small city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. He is a multi-talented artist.  Dino specializes in rapping, singing, writing and composing lyrics! His debut album, “Loser”, made him very popular. This album proves that he is not only a professional artist but a person who connects with his life and fans!

Birth name Dino James
Birthdate/Born on 12 November 1991
Age (as of 2022) 30
Birthplace Bhopal
Nationality Indian
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names N/A
Occupations Rapper, Singer, Lyricist, and composer
Debut Loser
Genres Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Indian Pop
Labels Def Jam India

Dino James Relationship Status, Affairs

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Dino James is a young artist of 30. He is building on his brimming career and using his achievements and resources best. But his 2018 song “Girlfriend” is said to be inspired by his breakup. Nevertheless, he is a personal man and does not reveal his girlfriend’s identity.

Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse N/A
Girlfriends/Affairs Not known
Children’s N/A

Dino James Net Worth

The artist earns an exclusive net worth of $2.14 Million. His success has taken great leaps, and he is improving on them.

Net Worth $2.14 Million

Dino James Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

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Dino James is one of the best rappers in the Indian Hip-Hop industry. So, delving deep into his sensational life and career is one of our enlightening duties! So, why wait? Let’s start right away!

Dino’s Early Life and Evolving Interest in Music

Behind every artist, there’s an interesting backstory. Dino has one too! The famous rapper and YouTube sensation wouldn’t have been what he is if he didn’t realize it in his boyhood days. He was always a practical-minded personality and knew what he wanted. The artist was born in a very ordinary village in Madhya Pradesh. But his big dreams got him his dream accommodation in Mumbai, the city of dreams. Dino was never interested in academics.

He was a free spirit and always wanted to do something out of the box! One of his initial aspirations was acting. This dream made him come to Mumbai and work for it. Eventually, he got involved in three short films. But during this phase, he realized his true passion for music. His inspiration was one of a kind as well. His encounter with a kid playing the guitar in a park changed the vision of his life. He got inspired and started working on his musical sense and talent.

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His life was very ordinary. His father was a regular electrician, and his mother was a housewife. During his youth, he even developed a critical habit of drinking. But he is thankful for his musical career, which kept him busy and helped him grow out of this issue.

Dino’s Musical Journey

The aspiring artist released hits after hits. His very first rap song was titled “Loser”. This was released on “Being Indian” on the 17th of October 2016. This song is very personal to him. The artist states in his interviews that the music is exclusive to him, for his life incidents inspire it. This song became one of the most motivational rap songs praised by his followers. The music is trendy and has 20 Million views on his YouTube channel!

After his initial success, he got more inspired and produced another hit called “Girlfriend”. This music was released on the 19th of October in the year 2016. Presently, the song has an impressive number of views on YouTube and approximately 18 million plays on all social media sites. Everyone knows the music. It’s viral and has been used in many memes as well! His breakup inspired this song, and indeed this made a good deal out of it!

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In 2019, the artist collaborated with another famous artist, “Girish Naked”, and made another hit “, Dhoka Hai Tu”. The song provided him with excellent commercial success. Accelerated with the monetary success, he began working on motivational rap music such as “Unstoppable” and “Kaya”.

His realistic grip over his songs makes him not only a rapper but a relatable person to his fans. They connect with him powerfully. His success is evident in his many followers on social media platforms. He has 780 k fans on Instagram and more than 530 k followers on Facebook!

He has suffered and persevered in the controversial days as well. He got involved in the unruly habit of drinking. But he survived the phase and got out of it with the help of his music. He is still evolving, and his fans always look for more exciting hits from unique artists! Indeed, he is an inspiration to the brimming youth!

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