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The Indian music industry is enormous. But rapping and hip-hop genres have also evolved dramatically in the recent century. Numerous rappers in this industry are producing hip-hop music with the best catchy beats swaying the different generations wholeheartedly. EPR is one of these trendy hip-hop artists who never fail to entertain music lovers with his out-of-the-box productions and musical concepts! So, without any further wait, let us delve into the remarkable creative life of EPR, AKA Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer!

EPR Iyer Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer was born on EPR (Emcee Poet Rapper) and is 32 years old (as of 2022). The artist is well-rounded. He is famous for his triple role as an Emcee, poet and rapper in his rock band Underground Authority. He gained public support and followers from the popular MTV Hustle show.

Birth name Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer
Birthdate/Born on EPR (Emcee Poet Rapper)
Age (as of 2022) 32
Birthplace Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
Nationality Indian
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names N/A
Occupations Rapper, Singer
Debut Protest Poetry
Genres Hip-Hop, Rap
Labels N/A

EPR Iyer Relationship Status, Affairs & More

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The artist is unmarried currently. He focuses on his career and wishes to take it to new heights. He is reported to be dating a woman named Ahana.

Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse N/A
Girlfriends/Affairs Ahana
Children’s None

EPR Iyer Net Worth & More

The artist owns a lucrative net worth of $1 Million.

Net Worth $1 Million

EPR Iyer Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

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Evolution of EPR Iyer

No dream comes true without effort. And if you begin this effort at a young age, you’ve taken the best decision of your life! The evolution of EPR is the same. His progress is not one day’s magic, but it took stages of practice and improvement. Rapping is a genre that is accepted well when done well. But if it’s not good or deep enough, people may pass it off as trash. EPR worked on his hip-hop career so that people would accept it as good as any other semi-classical form of music!

The rapper was born in Tiruchirappalli of, Tamil Nadu. His birth name is Santam Srinivas Iyer. Interesting name, right? His career is even more enjoyable! He did his primary studies in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli. After its completion, he moved up to Kolkata. Here he pursued broadcast journalism from one of the top institutions of Media called NSHM. But is this what he is about? Not at all. EPR is all about creativity. Besides working on the mundane and everyday work of his college, he did his homework on music. He enjoyed rapping on a new dimension. It provided a vent to his worries and soothed him.

The artist joined “Underground Authority”, a famous rock band created in early 2010. The band focused on the trendy genres of rap rock, alternative rock, reggae and protest poetry. The blend of all these features gave a great flavour to their music style. Some of their popular songs are “Pehchan”, “Raasta Tera”, and Hogi Subah”. Iyer’s working with the group members and its style of music gave him the required insight into music. He tried to work on this insight and take it to heights! He acted as the frontman rapper in the band and became immensely popular. But this required guts. Managing studies and a creative task is worth an appreciation, after all!

The 30-year-old artist took his baby step to success by appearing in “India’s Got Talent’s” second season. Here he performed with his band. The show introduced him to the broader community of musicians and accelerated his hip-hop career. In 2019 his popularity brought him to the MTV Hustle. Here he performed his rap songs in the presence of well-known musicians like Raftaar, Nucleya and Rajakumari. One of his best achievements is receiving the Star Performer Award for the initial week of performance for MTV Hustle.

EPR Iyer’s Struggle and Perseverance

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EPR ‘s life has not been easy. But his enthusiastic nature assisted him in reaching great heights of success in the rapping field. His journey began in the early years of his college in 2010. He served as the frontman rapper and MC of the popular group “Underground Authority”. Along with his band members, EPR appeared to perform in “India’s Got Talent”. This gave him the needed popularity, and he was invited to MTC Hustle. The show created his strong establishment in the musical field.

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Before the band’s formation, EPR loved performing in open mic contests and sessions. His performance soothed the audience and added a spark of life to the crowd! But all of these were not smooth. In 2013, the artist got diagnosed with Cholesteatoma. Due to this, he lost his capability of hearing. The doctors left hopes for his future career as a musician, but he did not. He persevered and eventually won! After three months of prolonged care and surgery, he returned to the staged glamour and artistic vigour in full strength! Iyer also came to the famous Hornbill International Rock Competition the following year! He is an inspiration for his talent and willingness not to give up!

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