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Ice-T also popularly called Tracy Lauren Marrow is a songwriter and rapper. He was inspired to keep his name as Ice-T from the popular author Iceberg Slim. He admitted in his interviews that he idolized the author greatly. He is a rapper whose words are not only motivational but autobiographical. We’ll find the tone of struggle in his raps which he actually endured. This helps us to get inspired and keep improving!

Ice-T Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Tracy Lauren Marrow was born on 16th February 1958 and his age is 64 years old (as of 2022). He is one of the most inspirational rappers of all time. His life has been a crazy flow of events. He learned from his own life for good, spreading the truth through his songs, and was never afraid of any circumstances!

Birth name Tracy Lauren Marrow
Birthdate/Born on 16th February 1958
Age (as of 2022) 64
Birthplace Newark, New Jersey, U.S
Nationality American
Occupations Rapper, Singer, Record Producer, Film director
Debut Rhyme Plays
Genres Hip-Hop/Rap
Labels Sire Records, Warner Records, Century Media Records, Priority Records, Rhyme Syndicate Records, Warner Music, Virgin Records, EMI, Sumerian Records
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nicole Natale Marrow/ Coco
Girlfriends/Affairs N/A
Children’s Chanel Nicole Marrow, Letesha Marrow, Tracy Marrow jr

Ice-T Net Worth & More

Net Worth $65 Million

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You can be anything if you have the willpower. Every one of us is aware of this phrase in some way or the other. But are all of us able to perform our best in the work we opt for? If we are not able to fulfill our dreams in the best possible manner, there must be some flaw.

So, we always need to look up to inspiration! Who can be a better inspiration other than the popular rapper, Tracy Morrow? His mettle proved him the greatest of all times! Now, let us know some amazing facts about Tracy!

His Unbound Desire for Improvement

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This quality is the most significant among all the popular personalities you probably know. Tracy wasn’t born great but his relentless struggle to keep a clear sight of his goal distinguishes him! Tracy Morrow did not have a very pleasant childhood.

His mother passed away aged 30 due to a massive heart attack while his father suffered the same consequences after a few, years. This was a rough time for him. But instead of mourning over his parent’s death, he made the best use of whatever little he had. He did not have a piece of self-pit for his condition.

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Accepting the Situation and Growing Up Strong in It

After losing his parents, life for Tracy did not cease to work! He migrated with his aunt to L.A. L. A was very different from where he grew up. So, he experienced a culture shock. In one of his interviews, he conveyed that he was told there were gangs in the place. Even though Tracy took these talks lightly, things did not go as per his wish!

He got enrolled in a school in upper-Class Culver City. But he along with his friends went to Crenshaw high. Over here he fell into the hands of bad influencers. Tracy and three or four of his companions made themselves look like a fake gang. Tracy’s robust attitude and charisma helped him to convince people that they belonged to a big group of gangs.

However, his overconfident attitude got him into trouble. He became a father just in 12th grade. This was a big responsibility for him. He admitted the feeling of being overburdened due to the mistake. He had to join the army to provide for the child and his girlfriend.

Instead of running away from the responsibility, he learned from it. He confided to A.V club that you need a smack on your face to man up!

Gaining Experience From the Bottom

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Morrow was offered a humble beginning. A local record label holder extended an offer to him asking him if he wants to make money with his talent. He gratefully accepted it and made a brand new debut single in 1983. This was called the “coldest rap”.

As his rapping career bloomed he was offered films to portray his growth as an artist. But he was not very sure of this track. Thanks to his friends who helped him out of the dilemma. They were crooks and led a life of a gangster behind bars. But they were well wishes for Tracy.

He finally approved to be in the film, “Breakin’”. He was offered a minor sum of $500 dollars But he accepted it with humility. This boosted his rapping career and brought him to the limelight.

Experimenting to Become an Innovator!

He swirled the notions of hip-hop. He got into it a genre of Gangsta rap. His 6’n the morning changed the notions of normal raps. He added flavor to it by describing the notions of crime and punishment. He took the consequence that came along with such experiments.

His 1992 single “Cop Killer” offended people outside the music platform. President George Bush expressed his desire for censoring the song. He stated that the lyrics provoked anti-police feelings. According to him, this was a bad example for the growing youth. But Tracy believed in his expression. The Warner Bros. Records and Ice t got various death threats from organizations. Ultimately they had to take the song off the album.

Tracy left Warner Bros. Records for good. He didn’t want to work with an organization that wouldn’t stand up for the true story. Even though he knew Warner Bros. Records had no other option, he did not want to stifle his voice.
He is an inspiration for all centuries.

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