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The rapping industry is merely reduced to an entertainment space. But is it so? Several artists try to add flavour to this genre. They try to add their techniques and thoughts to their music along with a catchy rhythm. The American rapper, Immortal Technique can be classified within this talented and creative group. He makes not only catchy beats for his audience to sway on but also builds unique political themes in his raps. This helps to move the nation towards an enlightened step. So, let us not waste a moment and get inspired by this fantastic personality!

Immortal Technique Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Felipe Andres Coronel was born on 19 February 1978 and is 44 years old (as of 2022). The artist’s stage name is Immortal Technique. Indeed, he proves his technique to be undying. The legacy he left is one of a kind. Immortal Technique’s rap style is famous for its entertaining beats and the social message it puts forward!

Birth name Felipe Andres Coronel
Birthdate/Born on 19 February 1978
Age (as of 2022) 44
Birthplace Lima, Peru
Nationality American
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names N/A
Occupations Rapper, songwriter, activist
Debut Revolutionary Vol. 1
Genres Hip-Hop, Underground hip-hop, Political hip-hop, East Coast hip-hop, Hardcore hip-hop
Years active 2000-present
Labels Viper Records, Fontana Records, Nature Sounds, Babygrande

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Immortal Technique Relationship Status, Affairs & More

Immortal Technique is currently single. He never mentioned dating anyone. His life has been focused on music and rapping. His musical career is his first love, and he strives to improve it!

Marital Status Single
Girlfriends/Affairs N/A

Immortal Technique Net Worth

Immortal Technique earns a lucrative sum of $ 2.5 million.

Net Worth $ 2.5 million

Immortal Technique Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

Knowing a legend like Immortal Technique will remain incomplete if we do not get into the details of his career from the start! So, why wait? Let’s read along!

Immortal Technique’s Early Endeavors

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The hip-hop artist’s life has been challenging. He has gone through difficult phases to get the golden crown of the present. He was born on 19 February in one of the military hospitals of Lima. His early life, which was spent in the streets of Harlem, exposed him to shocking incidents that the blacks faced in ghettos. He was a victim of Harlem’s drug problems, gang influence and corruption. Immortal Technique’s teenage years are marked by several arrests on the ground of “selfish and childish” behaviour.

He was the victim of racism out there. The artist was incarcerated for assault-based offences when admitted to Pennsylvania State University. But these drawbacks did not dim his creative soul. He persevered. After getting released from prison, he took up Political Science. He made a deal with his father, who would let him stay at home if he did pursue it. It was a rough phase for him.

He was squashed between his desires and society’s expectations. Due to his imprisonment, he couldn’t make the required connections for hip-hop. So, he began selling his work on New York streets. He even took part in several rap competitions with numerous rappers. This helped him invest money in his future endeavours. Indeed, Immortal Technique’s perseverance and hardship are eye-openers for the present generation.

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Musical Ride of Immortal Technique

The artist’s growth was not a moment’s magic. It took years to reach the present stage. He began as a shoot and strived for his current $2.5 million net worth! He rocketed his musical career in 2001. The artist self-produced his first album, “Revolutionary Vol. 1,”. This was without the assistance of any distributions.

The album was re-pressed in 2004. This time, Babygrande and Viper Records helped produce the work. In 2003 he also gained the well-known Source’s “Hip-Hop Quotable” for one of the second album Revolutionary Volume 2’s songs. He is the first artist to receive “Hip-Hop Quotable” while being unsigned to any records! Cool, isn’t it?

From 2005 to 2007, the musician worked on two albums, The 3rd World and The Middle Passage. Along with these, he also worked on many movie music tracks.

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The Technique has several ventures with multiple artists. In 2005, the artist collaborated with DJ Green Lantern and Mos Def for “Bin Laden”. He was also featured in the Brazilian-French musician Rockin’ Squat’s “Democratie Fascist” and Confessions D’un Enfant Du Siècle” In 2009, a portion of “Voices of the Voiceless” was published on YouTube, Several networking sites, iTunes and E-Magazines worked on promoting this work. The lyrics are a contribution of Immortal Technique. It opened up on serious issues like war, government control, rape, colonialism, racism and others.

At present, the artist works on a variety of issues. He makes prison visits to help out the immigrants and youths. He even generated a writing grant program for students. He even collaborated with a non-profit human rights association called “Omeid International”. Besides his rapping career, these works give him a different identity as a great human being. He serves to be an inspiration for uncountable people globally.

Immortal Technique Social Media Channels & Links

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