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Leonard Anderson, popularly known by his stage name L’A Capone  is an American rapper. Capone was a young rapper who was set to make a debut into the music industry after being associated with lil Drunk and appearing in some of his music videos . Capone was shot dead at 70th Street and Stony Island Avenue in 2013. Capone’s first album released after his death which was known as ‘Separate My Self‘ which was received positively by listeners.

Capone was a member of black disciples like Lil Drunk and Chief Keef and often made an appearance in the videos of his step brother ‘Qwap’ and his brother brother Lil Thin .

L’A Capone Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Leonard Anderson, popularly known by his stage name L’A Capone was born on 18th September 1996 and his  is just 17 years old at the time of his death on 26th September 2013. L’A capone was very interested in music since his childhood and he always wanted to achieve  fame  in the music industry.

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Capone has been keenly interested in music and also during the shooting which led to his death happened , he was recording for an album which he was working since many days. L’a capone hails from the black disciple and it was an opposite rap group of Gangster Disciples .

Birth name Leonard Anderson
Birthdate/Born on 18th September 1996
Age (as of 2022) 17 years (at the time of his death: 26th September 2013)
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nationality American
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names LA, 600BOYLA, 3much
Occupations Rapper
Debut Separate My Self (2014)
Genres Hip-Hop
Labels Team 600, Bandz Ova Night

L’A Capone Relationship Status, Affairs & More

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Some popular sources suggest that Capone could have been involved with women under the wraps . There is a very little information about him to report to the world as he was a budding musicians who ended his time on earth too soon. Some unpopular sources suggest that Capone could have been in relationship and he may have not revealed it the world. Capone always tried to never entertain the media and public through his dating and personal life.

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Capone is very reserved and always wanted people to respect his privacy. According to reports, Capone was never seen hanging out with any women or his girlfriends. Capone was a loving child to his parents and they have been extremely shocked when they have heard about their son’s death. Capone always wanted to make it big in the music world, so it may also be the reason that he has not dated. Capone was 17 by the time of his death. By the time of his death, the internet and media were not this active which resulted in having very little information about Capone and his relationships in the past.

L’A Capone Net Worth & More

L’A Capone reportedly has a net worth of  $500 Thousand by the time of his death. L’A has not made much for himself in the music industry as he was a young musician and always tried to make a name for himself in order to make it big in the music industry. Capone has been very keenly concentrated on music and his singing profession and he was very proficient music artist . Capone has been associated with Lil Drink and also has connections with the Black Disciples . Capone has appeared in various music albums and also has been recognized very well by music listeners and fans of the Black Disciples.

Net Worth $500 Thousand

L’A Capone Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

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Upon hearing of the news of Capone’s  shooting, Lil Durk, who has been good friends with Capone  for more than 5 years, tweeted his wishes for him to get better. He later tweeted  “RIP Lil Bro” in Capone’s twitter around 8:00PM confirming Capone’s death .

There were many rumors  on who killed  Capone before his killers were charged, L’A Capone’s gang called as 600 was having a war  with numerous rival gangs such as the Gangster Disciples. Capone , being a member of Black Disciple  have dissed one of Gangster Disciple’s  dead members in his song “Play For Keeps” in which he directly asked   “Shondale how the hot shit feel.” But the gang whom most people speculated that  killed Capone  was behind the murder was 051 Young Money, a Mickey Cobra set.

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The investigation went on till August 2014 and then  the news came out that 3 individuals were accused  with Capone’s murder.  Michael Mays and Sakhee Hardy-Johnson, members of the group ‘051 Young Money’ were charged and later sentenced with first degree murder. A third individual, Meiko Buchanan whom authorities reported  was the driver of a tail car was also charged and sentenced  in connection with L’A Capone’s murder . The Officials   claim that all three members  confessed to the crime after being investigated .

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