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The hip-hop industry introduces us to some of the most outstanding personalities. This field of music provides artists with a relaxed vibe and a plethora of creative imagination. Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, AKA Nas, is one of these extraordinarily talented artists with a combination of a relaxed vibe and creative vision. He grew up in a creative family where his father was a blues musician. But there were hardships too. Nas proved himself successful by correctly using the combination of these factors. So, why wait? Let us delve right into his musical journey!

Nas Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones was born on 16 September 1973 and is 43 years old (as of 2022). The artist is known by the famous names Nasty Nas and Nas Escobar. He is a well-rounded persona. His areas of expertise are enormous! It ranges from writing songs to producing records!

Birth name Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones
Birthdate/Born on 16 September 1973
Age (as of 2022) 43
Birthplace New York City, U.S
Nationality American
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names Nas Escobar, Nasty Nas
Occupations Rapper, Songwriter, Record Executive, Record Producer, Businessman, actor
Debut Illmatic
Genres Hip Hop, East Coast Hip-Hop, Jazz rap, Conscious rap
Labels Mass Appeal, Def Jam, Ill Will, Ruffhouse, Columbia, The Orchard

Nas Relationship Status, Affairs & More

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Nas and Kelis were among the most sensational couples in the music industry. From 2002 to 2009, they seemed to have an excellent relationship. They tied the knot in 2005, which proved to be very famous. But stuff waned out. In 2009 when Kelis was pregnant, she opted for divorce from the rapper. Despite the issues, the couple has a beautiful grown-up daughter named Destiny Jones. Like her parents, she is proving to be a great buzz on social media sites. She has got 244 k followers on Instagram as well!

Marital Status Divorced
 Ex-Spouse Kelis
Children’s Destiny Jones

Nas Net Worth

The famous songwriter and rapper have an exclusive net worth of $70 Million.

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Net Worth $70 Million

Nas Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

Knowing Nas would be incomplete if we did not know the nitty-gritty of his life and success. So, let us not waste a minute more and understand our beloved artist!

Early Endeavors of Nas

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The 48-year-old artist has got a great deal of history behind him. His early life can be described as a creative flow. His father was the well-known cornetist Olu Dara. His mother, Fannie Ann, on the other hand, was influential too. She worked as a U.S Postal worker based in North Carolina.

His excellent background in Nas helped him grow up to develop his refined taste in music. Nas also has a younger brother named Jabari. He is a pretty famous artist in the rap field as well! His neighbours, mainly Willy, assisted him extensively in accelerating his hip-hop skills by introducing him to exciting records!

Despite all the bright areas, there were hardships also. Nas had to drop out of school at standard 8. He was very young at the time when his parents were going through a rough patch. The violence at home influenced little Nas, and in anger, he stabbed one of his classmates with a pencil. This led to a suspension and a waning interest in education.

Nas acted as an autodidact. He taught himself about African Culture. This was done with the medium of “Nuwaubian Nation” and “Five-percent Nation”. Despite the hardships, he never let his spirits die. He encountered the famous producer “Large Professor” when Nas was just 16. This time he was introduced to artists like Kool G Rap and Rakim in their studio.

Nas practised his lyrics and materials when the artists would take a break. He always made the best use of the available resources. He began his performances by rapping at “Live at the Barbeque”, organized by Main Source. His relentless efforts brought him closer to success, and he released his debut single in 1994. This was “Illmatic”, one of the popular hits of the time!

Nas’s Musical Route

Nas’s musical journey has been tremendous. He began small but ended big! His life took a different dimension with his breakthrough debut song, “Illmatic”, released in 1994. This is still one of the most significant artistic productions of all time! After this, his second masterpiece made his fans swoon over his skills! “It was Written” proved to be one of a kind! The song’s magical mixture of Mafioso and Gangsta rap raised it to Billboard 200.

“If I ruled the world” was another hit that concretized Nas’s reputation as an outstanding musician cum rapper. Despite the success stories, there were feuds as well. Nas got involved in one of these dirty feuds with Jay-Z. But his creative spirit overcame hard feelings, and he eventually signed up for “Def Jam Recordings” by Jay-Z! Nas collaborated with Damian Marley, the famous Jamaican lyricist and singer. This collaboration proved to be very enlightening for his followers.

Nas donated all his royalties for the benefit and improvement of Africa. These acts prove him not only as a talented artist but also as a great human being! The creative personality was nominated 13 times for several albums. But he finally gained his first Grammy for his excellent album “King’s Disease” in 2020. His perseverance stakes him out of ordinary personalities. He came first in the list of’s website, making a mark as one of the 50 best MCs of all time. Indeed, he is an inspiration and a ray of hope for millions of aspiring artists.

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