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SHave you ever thought of why certain artists are so successful based on their effort? It is because they go with life’s flow. These artists transform unfavourable situations into fun-filled artistic routes. This is how Troy Donald Jamerson made the best out of his talent. The American rapper was made fun of by girls in high school. This was because of his ugly haircut. He was nicknamed “Monchhichi”, which meant a monkey doll. But did this demoralize the artist? No. Instead, he got the pseudonym for his glamorous rapping career! So, why not delve into his artistic accomplishments in a nutshell? Let’s dive right in!

Pharoahe Monch Profile/Wiki/Bio

Troy Donald Jamerson was born on 31 October 1967 and is 54 years old (as of 2022). The artist began his musical route with a duo band called “Organized Konfusion”. He upgraded his career by working individually on various singles and albums. Pharoahe signed up deals with two popular records, Rawkus Records and Ingrooves. He is an out-of-the-box artist and serves as an inspiration for many!

Birth name Troy Donald Jamerson
Birthdate/Born on 31 October 1967
Age (as of 2022) 54
Birthplace South Jamaica, Queens, New York
Nationality American
Years active 1987-present
Occupations Rapper, musician
Debut Internal Affairs
Genres Hip-Hop/Rap
Labels Rawkus Records, Ingrooves

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Pharoahe Monch Relationship Status

Pharoahe Monch is presently single. He has no records of dating or marrying anyone in the past. His career has been a flow of the musical journey. He, as an artist, has dedicated his life to music and focuses on it wholeheartedly!

Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse N/A
Girlfriends/Affairs N/A
Children’s N/A

Pharoahe Monch Net Worth

The rapper has a fantastic net worth of $3 million!

Net Worth $ 3 Million

Pharoahe Monch Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

Getting to know the popular Pharoahe Monch is incomplete without delving into the details of his musical career. So. let’s not wait and get right into the journey!

Pharoahe Monch’s Rapping Boom

Not much is known of the artist’s private life. But the details of his artistic venture will not disappoint you! Currently, he is the bright star of his popular rap career.

The artist’s career in music began with “Organized Konfusion”. This great rap duo included Pharoahe and his fellow rapper, Prince Po. Initially, the group worked on two albums. These were “Organized Konfusion”, “The Equinox”, and “Stress: The Extinction Agenda”. The albums got a pretty good amount of positive reviews from music critics and artists. But, these were not a hit commercially due to the downfall, the duo split.

The artist wished to extend his career to great heights. So, instead of lowering his self-esteem, he worked relentlessly. Pharoahe signed up for “Rawkus Records”. From this route onwards, his career skyrocketed. One of the most boost-worthy songs in the album is “Simon Says”. This proved to be not only a hit work but a total profit! The work gained its place in the Billboard Hot 100. After this venture, he worked on a 2000’s hit called “Oh No”. In 2001 he supplied “Madden N.F.L.’s theme music.

His musical career did not end after these accomplishments. There was more to it. After completing his work with Rawkus Records, the artist began his venture with Street Records Corporation. The later record was the legendary home of Wu-Tang Clan, Terror Squad and David Banner. Under this record, the artist produced a popular mixtape known as “The Awakening”.

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After the predicted popularity of this work, the rapper released “Desire”. This was his solo album that appeared on the list of second solo album works. This was succeeded by 2007’s “When the Gun Draws”. This music was inspired by another work he did with Prince Po, which appeared on their 1994 album “Stress: The Extinction Agenda”.

Pharoahe Monch leaked one of his solo endeavours through the website “”, along with these accomplishments. This song called “Shine” was followed up by another popular one called “Clap (One Day)”. The artist strived to produce his third album, popularly called 2011’s “W.A.R.” or “We Are Renegades”. This album is pretty famous for the number of favourite artists and rappers it features. These rappers are Jill Scott, Citizen Cope, Royce da 5’9’’, Phonte, Immortal Technique and many others!

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Along with these musical feats, the artist found a hip-hop group named “th1rt3en”. The group featured Daru Jones as its drummer and Marcus Machado as the guitarist! The group produced a good number of hits. Some of the recent ones are 2021’s “Fight”, “Cut 45”, and “cypress Hill”. These singles belonged to the group’s well-known album “A Magnificent Day for an Exorcism”.

The artist is famous for good reasons. He has mastered his unique rapping style. His musical style is best explained as a complex rapping technique. AllMusic states that Pharoahe is one of those eminent lyricists who is best known for building intelligent and intricate raps.

An interesting fact about the rapper is that he has got Asthma. But does the issue stop him? No. Instead, this problem has forced him to get out of his comfort zone and make the best of his rapping techniques! He derives his inspiration from the famous saxophonist John Coltrane. Indeed, Pharoahe is among the most inspirational rappers, motivating every generation!

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