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Making a distinction in the music industry is a difficult job. It is more difficult when you have been in a group. Making an individual identity before the public and expressing your thoughts is a big deal. But Corey Woods, also called by the fashionable name “Raekwon”, made a unique mark with his musical skills. He is known to us as a member of the famous Wu-Tang Clan. But is it the end of the story? There’s always more to it. So, let us know the nitty-gritty about the renowned artist without delay!

Raekwon Profile/Wiki/Bio

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Corey Woods was born on 12 January 1970 and his age is 52 years old (as of 2022). He rose to recognition by being one of the founding associates of the Wu-Tang Clan. But is that where his popularity ends? No. He has concretized his work with his individual talent as well. The American rapper signed up with several labels such as Loud Records, RCA, EMI, and some others as well!

Birth name Corey Woods
Birthdate/Born on 12 January 1970
Age (as of 2022) 52
Birthplace Staten Island, New York, U.S
Nationality American
Occupations Hip-Hop artist/ rapper
Debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Genres Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop/Rap
Labels Loud Records, Interscope Records, RCA, EMI, Aftermath Entertainment, Universal Records

Raekwon Relationship Status and Affairs

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The 52-year-old talented artist is single for the time being. He has been busy with his hip-hop career all the while. So, now that he has got some time to enjoy, he is making the best use of it. He performs for his fans and takes some of his time out of life’s humdrum to enjoy!

Marital Status Single
Spouse N/A
Girlfriends/Affairs N/A
Children’s N/A

Raekwon Net Worth

Net Worth $6 Million

Raekwon Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

Raekwon’s interesting life would be incomplete without knowing the details of his early life and rise to stardom. So, let us not waste a moment and dive into the exciting content!

Raekwon’s Early Struggling Life

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Carey Woods, also called popularly Raekwon made his name as an inspirational rapper in the music industry! He came to the limelight being one of the founding members of the great Wu-Tang Clan. The group made its way to success with its debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang”, But Raekwon got into a solo career right after this. But before getting into his present success, a look at his early struggling life is a must!

He was born in Brooklyn and was cared for exclusively by his mother. In his book, “Staircase to Stage”, Raekwon provided accounts of his early life. The book is the best for knowing the artist as it gives an unfiltered version of his tumulus journey!

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Raekwon was devoid of the guidance of a male figure. His father was an addict, and his mother had to get separated during the hard times. Raekwon mentioned in one of his interviews at HipHopDX that he lived in a dangerous society. Killings and gangs marked his early stay in Brooklyn. But he never gave up. He knew he had to help himself, and he did so.

Eventually, he made his success towards fame. Living in these dreary places, the artist got involved in drugs. He became aware of the problems of the crack epidemic. But a shooting incident changed the entire perspective of the artist. He began to execute his dreams then and there. His thirst for writing down whatever came to his mind and building lyrics increased tenfold.

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He was unstoppable. Now, when he looks back, he thanks the dreadful incident. He thanks his mother, brave enough to care for him in dire circumstances. His love and respect for life and his mother make him one of the best celebrities ever!

Hard-Built Musical Profession

Raekwon’s career began when he joined the Hip-Hop group Wu-Tang Clan. This was a mix-up of the group from parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Initially, he used pseudonyms like Shallah Raekwon, Lex Diamonds, and Louis Rich. But he stuck to his popular Raekwon the Chef. But Raekwon always aspired for a solo career.

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He wanted people to know about his talent. In 1994, he came forward with his solo partnership with Loud Records. From here, his solo career began with “Heaven and Hell”. It was followed by the famous “Only Build 4 Cuban Linx…” in 1995. The album is significant to Raekwon’s life. It dealt with serious issues like Cocaine trafficking and eventual release from the toxic life.

After this album, Raekwon featured on R&B’s Allure debut. He also gained popularity by being featured with other talented artists like Nas, Big Pun, and Jadakiss. Subsequently, after several delays and days of waiting, the “Only Built for Cuban Linx …Pt. II” got out.

The album highlighted rappers such as Busta, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, and others. In 2009, MTV declared Raekwon among the 10th “Hottest” rappers. Also, his album “Only Built for Cuban Linx…Pt. II” was compared as great as “The Godfather 2”. And why not? His struggles made him the man of his dreams after all. All this success was followed by his collaboration with Ghostface Killah and Method Man for the famous “Wu-Massacre”.

This was a small album. Its main motive was to highlight a sense of unity within the Hip-hop group “Wu-Tang Clan”. Raekwon’s achievements do not end here. He proceeded to build his Label named “Ice H20 Records”. Cool, right? This was followed by his release of “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Lost Jewelry” in 2013.

In 2020, Tidal’s Eliot Wilson reported that Raekwon is coming up with another surprise. He’ll soon release his “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. 4”!

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