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The rapping industry is filled to the brim with talented artists. But there are very few who are successful in keeping a legacy. Redman is an extraordinary artist with a very prominent hip-hop career. He has collaborated with numerous artists throughout his career and discovered his true potential. He has made the best use of all the resources and talent. He is one of those inspiring artists who worked hard despite his “off the hook” academic performances. He was not good at his studies. But do studies always matter? What matters is one’s will for greatness. And Redman’s greatness lay in his rapping career. So, let us delve in to know more!

Redman Profile/Wiki/Bio

Reginald Noble was born on 17 April 1970 and is 52 years old (as of 2022). Several other names also know the rapper. Some of these are Doc, Funk Doc, Reggie and Funk Doctor Spock. Redman signed up with many records like the Gilla House, Chaos, and Def Jam. He is one of the many talented artists in the hip-hop industry. He came to the spotlight by working with the famous Def Jam Records.

Birth name Reginald Noble
Birthdate/Born on 17 April 1970
Age (as of 2022) 52
Birthplace Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Nationality American
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names Doc, Reggie, Funk Doc, Funk Doctor Spock
Occupations Rapper, DJ, Actor, Record Producer
Debut What? The Album
Genres Hip-Hop
Labels Gilla House, Chaos, Def Jam

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Redman Relationship Status, Affairs

The hip-hop artist is currently single. He has been in a relationship previously. But it is not known. He has worked very hard for his music career. Now, he is busy with his rap concerts as well. For him, music is his sole purpose in life.

Marital Status Single
Spouse N/A
Girlfriends/Affairs N/A
Children’s N/A

Redman Net Worth & More

The rapper earns a worth-appreciating sum of net worth. His net worth is reported to be $10 million!

Net Worth $ 10 Million

Redman Biography, Life Story, Trivia & More

Knowing about Redman would be insubstantial if we do not get to know about his career rise! So, why wait? Let’s get into the musical journey of Redman!

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Redman’s Musical Rise

Redman’s career was not easy. It was filled with an excessive effort from the artist’s side. His intellect and practice got him the standard of a first-class rapper himself! In his boyhood, the rapper went to Speedway Avenue School. After this, he attended West Side High School.

His high school experience was not rewarding as he was not interested in his studies. He was also suspended from Montclair University when he was sixteen. This was due to his low grades. During this period, he was involved in selling cocaine for easy money. He was kicked out of the house by his mother due to this. But he wished to make something good out of himself.

So, young Redman began freestyling at various parks and parties in New Jersey. While he worked as a D.J. for the hip-hop trio “Lords of the Underground”, EPMD’s record producer Eric Sermon was stunned by his potential as a musician. This started Redman’s route of work with the producer. The artist accompanied the producer on tours and did every job for him.

But in 1990, Redman’s fate changed. He performed a freestyle in front of the producer. And, Boom! This rap concreted his career as an official hip-hop artist! He worked on “What? Thee Album”, which Eric produced. This rap was unique. It had the fusion of several styles. The music was a fantastic blend of fluid rap style, funk and reggae influence. This made its place number fourth nine on the charts of Billboard 200. Also, the album received gold certification!

His second big shot was 1996’s “Muddy Waters”. The album received the excellent critical appraisal. It also had two billboard hit singles. These are “It’s Like That” and “Whateva Man”. The album also received gold certification from the popular RIAA.

His next project was a collaboration with Def Squad. This album was named “El Nino”. The artist’s fourth album, “Doc’s Da Name 2000”, shipped Platinum in its sales. It’s worth noting that this album also rose to number 11 on the Billboard 200 charts.

After these successful ventures, he worked on several other projects. These include one of his famous albums called “Blackout!” L.P., which was released in 2009. This made its debut place at number 7 on the charts of Billboard 200. Subsequent work after this was “Redman Presents… Reggie”. In 2020, Redman produced an extended play named “3 Joints”. This was done with the Gilla House label’s help. He keeps on working on other projects as well. Redman proves to be one of those artists to whom life’s hurdles are just a step forward to success. He paves the path for himself.

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Redman’s Other Ventures as an Artist

Redman has got a good record of working in movies as well. He starred alongside Method Man in the well-known film “How High”. He also played a substantial role in the 2004 horror movie “Seed of Chucky”. Redman also co-starred with rapper Method Man in “The Fairly OddParents”, where he rapped the “Pixes Rap”.

The rapper also collaborated with a fashion wear brand called “Mighty Healthy” in 2015. The brand includes several unique and stylish street wears like jerseys, hats, T-shirts, and cannabis-themed graphics.

The artist teaches one to follow one’s dreams and work hard on them. Indeed, he is an inspiration to millions of brimming and aspiring minds!

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